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Jabali (Casa del)   VIII.3.8

Jason (House of)   IX.5.18

Joseph II (House of Emperor)   VIII.2.39

Jucundus (House of Caecilius)   V.1.26

Judgement of Solomon (House of the)   VIII.5.24

Julia Felix (Praedia of)   II.4.1-12

Julia Felix (Villa of)   II.4.1-12

Julianus (Casa del veteranus)   VII.7.16

Julius Nicephorus (Dwelling of C)   VII.15.14

Julius Polybius (Domus of C.)   IX.13.3

Julius Polybius (House of C.)   IX.13.3

Julius Polybius (House of)   VI.17.32

Julius Polybius (House of)   VI.17.36

Julius Primigenius (House of C.)   VII.7.23

Juni Proculi (Taberna of D.)   I.4.15

Jupiter (House of)   V.2.15

Jupiter (Temple of)   VII.8.1

Jupiter, Juno and Minerva (Temple of)     VIII.7.25

Justus (Shop or pistrinum of L. Betutius)   I.8.7


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